Discover "Balkan VEGAN" at Vienna's Veganmania MQ 2023. Immerse yourself in a plant-based culinary journey through the flavors of the Balkans. Experience traditional recipes transformed into cruelty-free masterpieces. Join us and celebrate the richness of vegan cuisine and culture.


Welcome to the vibrant city of Vienna, where the aroma of delectable plant-based delights fills the air. The Vienna's Veganmania Museumsquartier 2023 fair is the perfect platform for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of vegan cuisine to gather and celebrate the richness and diversity of cruelty-free food options. We, from Bitewithzest proudly await you with: "Balkan VEGAN" – a groundbreaking cookbook that beautifully integrates the flavors and traditions of the Balkan region in a purely plant-based form.

Imagine embarking on a culinary journey through the Balkans, where age-old recipes are reimagined and transformed into exquisite vegan masterpieces. Authored by a passionate food lover and expert, this book introduces a whole new dimension to vegan cuisine, intertwining the warmth of Balkan hospitality with the wholesome goodness of plant-based ingredients.

In "Balkan VEGAN," you will uncover a treasure trove of recipes that showcase the culinary heritage of countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many more. Each page of this magnificent book is filled with enticing photographs, enticing your senses and inspiring you to create flavorful dishes that celebrate the essence of the Balkans.

Join us at the Veganmania Museumsquartier 20233 fair in Vienna, as we unveil this remarkable culinary masterpiece to the world. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant spices, hearty stews, and mouthwatering desserts, all thoughtfully curated to align with the principles of veganism. Discover the secrets of traditional Balkan cuisine, reimagined for a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

"Balkan VEGAN" at Veganmania Museumsquartier 2023 is not just a book, but a celebration of culture, flavors, and the ever-growing global movement towards a more ethical and planet-friendly way of living. Come, be part of this extraordinary fair and experience the Balkan region in a whole new light. Let us embark on a culinary adventure together, one plate at a time.


📅 Fri, 02.06.- Sun, 04.06.2023
Fri. 02 June: 14-22 h*
Sat. 03 June: 10am-2pm*
Sun. 04. June: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
*Streetfood until 22:00, other stands until 21:00.
🏠 MuseumsQuartier, 1070 Vienna
🚌 U2 Museumsquartier, U2/U3/46/49/48A Volkstheater, 57A Getreidemarkt, 1/2/71/D Burgring