Nutritious meals for the whole family

When: Nov 20, 2023, 6pm - 9pm
Venue: DRPDNM, Novi trg 9 (2nd floor), Novo mesto
Price: donation

Dear health-conscious food enthusiasts, 🌿

We are excited to invite you to a special vegan cooking workshop, where together with Jelena and Helena, we will explore the secrets of preparing nutritious and delicious meals for the whole family.

Jelena, the author of the book Balkan VEGAN, is a co-founder of the online platform BITEwithZEST, where she shares her dedication to healthy and tasty nutrition. Jelena actively participates in cooking workshops in collaboration with the Austrian vegan society and guest hosts various events in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and beyond. Her inspiration comes from her son Bor, who has been a vegan since birth, motivating her to create various recipes and tips for preparing unique vegan dishes.

Helena, a mother of 14-year-old twins, is a resourceful chef who has created recipes that satisfy the diverse needs and tastes of her family. Her culinary skill undoubtedly stems from listening to the desires of her loved ones. Her rich experiences will undoubtedly reveal valuable tips and tricks for preparing quick and healthy meals, with a special emphasis on children's nutrition.

🍅 In this workshop, we will uncover:

  • How to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for the entire family that are completely vegan.
  • Practical tips for a balanced diet and ensuring all necessary nutrients.
  • Quick recipes that will simplify meal preparation, even on the busiest days.
  • Healthy and tasty snacks and desserts that children will love.
  • We will encourage your creativity in cooking and inspire you to experiment with ingredients.

🌽 We will learn recipes and techniques for the following dishes:

  1. Lentil soup
  2. Proja - cornflour bake
  3. Fried cauliflower
  4. Pan-seared tofu cubes
  5. Chickpea patties
  6. Pancakes
  7. Energy balls

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Everything we prepare, we will also enjoy  All you need is an apron and a good mood.

Join us on this magical cooking adventure, where we will create quick, healthy, and delicious meals for our loved ones. Let's join forces and discover the secrets of vegan cooking magic for healthy and fulfilling lives!

On behalf of the BITEwithZEST group, let's take a healthy bite! See you there!

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