LIFE EXPECTANCY. How old would a cow, a pig or a hen get to be if the animals were not slaughtered? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question and haven’t found the answer, read more about it here.

Many people are not aware of the cruelty in the dairy industry. A cow, like a man, has milk only when it has a puppy, because it has to feed it. Cows used in the industry for milk are thus forced into constant pregnancy and constant calving, in order to continue to give milk. Shortly after birth, cows are deprived of their calves - females go on to milk production, while males are an undesirable by-product of the dairy industry and are killed shortly after birth and go for meat production.

Cows in the dairy industry are mostly killed at the age of 3, while their natural lifespan is between 20 and 25 years.

It is similar with hens that are killed after a year or two, ie as soon as their egg-laying is reduced. Chickens usually live for about 10 years. Female chickens are further used for production and their ends are cut with a hot knife so as not to injure each other, while male chickens are an undesirable by-product and are usually ground to live.


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