Whatever we are doing, creating, thinking, we can feel the moment and do it with passion. This is an inbuilt part of us, it is our nature, the same as we are part of this world, together with all other creatures. By respecting and being compassionate towards all living beings we are just fulfilling our true self. Because that is what we are... passion as well as compassion. We explore this together with you...

Founders and editors

Jelena Cvetković Š.

Educated as a designer who explores life and constantly learns how to take care of her body and spirit in accordance with nature and with respect for all living beings. She has been eating meatless for over 20 years. She seeks inspiration in design, traveling, meditation, breathing techniques and discovering new sinful tastes. Her sweetest inspiration and challenge is her son.

Igor Šarkanović

He says about himself: "I plan to live after 2060... In order to achieve this, some measures should be undertaken." Hence, his point of view about life is to take care of the first half of life in order to have a good quality of the second half. Passionate meditator, lover of nice sound, eater of the plant based food, by profession husband and dad, Igor is also in charge of the maintenance and support of this website.

Bor Cvetković Š.

His role at the BiteWithZest portal is very important as he is the main reviewer. He is in third grade and he is 9 years old. Swimming and parkour are his favorite sports. In school he plays football with his friends and when he comes home he likes to watch Youtube or play a game called Geometry Dash. He likes all animals and his favorite animal is a hen. He has been vegan for his whole life. 

Dušica Pavlović

An eternal truth seeker who is always hungry for finding the reasons “why” and never settles for superficial answers. An educated translator and journalist loves diversity in every way: in nature, different cultures and people and treats everybody with respect. She is constantly trying to find the authenticity in every living being and believes that nothing in this life is black and white. Injustice is her biggest enemy.

Alenka Mestek

Her whole life revolves around nature, Universe, souls, being the best for herself and other beings. Music, photography, art and poetry are in her life for as long as she can remember. That's why she also loves her job as designer, this is her hobby and passion. Being kind to another living beings, to give love, to learn, to be open is purpose of her life. Always.